Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update: I will be scaling my prices up to $30 for theme 2, $40 for theme 3 and $50 for theme 4 effectively on 2/7/2012, today.
I accept ibanking payment as well as paypal.
However, remember that my prices are going up so it would be in your best interests to buy these sooner than later.


  1. everyone has their own notes from school dear. no one is going to pay good money for yours. maybe if you give a preview you may have some desperate person who would buy it from you.

  2. I already have the notes with me and I have had purchases btw.
    I have nothing to lose from trying to sell them.
    I don't need the notes anymore.
    However, I am not giving them away for free.
    I made my notes with a tutor I paid 60/hr for.
    Clearly, it worked out for me to do well. :)
    I am doing students a favour by selling them. Not all schools offer good notes, I'll have you know.
    If they don't want to buy, I see it as their loss.

  3. Hii is it too late to purchase now ? :)