Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Level Exams are OVER.

If you are interested in notes for the following subjects:
H1 GP (Softcopy& Hardcopy - $70)
H2 Mathematics (Hardcopy & Softcopy - $70 + printing charge)
H2 Chemistry (Hardcopy - $70 + printing charge)
H2 Biology/H1 Biology (Hardcopy - $100 + printing charge)
H2 Economics (Hardcopy - $ 50 + printing charge)

Email me at for more details for each subject.

You can request for specific chapters, but it will be more costly.
If you buy as a set, it will be more value-for-money.
Of course, you as a JC student, can get notes from your own school.
I am just offering it in advance if you are interested.