Friday, November 4, 2011

Steps to buy SS notes for Theme 2, 3 & 4

Send me an email to only after making payment.
I will confirm that you have indeed ordered and paid the requested amount
before I send you the word attachments.
I will send directly to your email address that you use to send me the message.
Thank you!

Click on the button on your right to buy the notes for the individual themes!
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Not all themes are made equal in depth nor width.

Social Studies Notes Up For Sale

I have just completed my O level exams.
The SS O level exam today, thankfully, had  Sri Lanka in one
of the Structured Essay Questions (SEQs) come out so I am pretty sure I aced it.
Thinking back, I wished I had my personal Social Studies notes
made earlier so I could have had the time to memorize all of them.

Now, I will sell my notes for all the THREE themes I did.
My notes are comprehensive and I will ask for a payment/donation before
I send the attachments with my SS notes.
Theme 2 consists of Governance, Population Control and Healthcare.
Theme 3 consists of Sri Lanka , Northern Ireland and Bonding in Singapore.
Theme 4 consists of Deterrence & Diplomacy, Iraq & Kuwait war, Transnational Terrorism.

Expected delivery time: 1 week or less

*I am NOT selling Theme 5/Theme 6 for the simple reason that I did not make comprehensive notes for these 2 themes. Theme 1 is simply Chapter 1 of Secondary 3, it is a non-examinable chapter.