Friday, November 4, 2011

Social Studies Notes Up For Sale

I have just completed my O level exams.
The SS O level exam today, thankfully, had  Sri Lanka in one
of the Structured Essay Questions (SEQs) come out so I am pretty sure I aced it.
Thinking back, I wished I had my personal Social Studies notes
made earlier so I could have had the time to memorize all of them.

Now, I will sell my notes for all the THREE themes I did.
My notes are comprehensive and I will ask for a payment/donation before
I send the attachments with my SS notes.
Theme 2 consists of Governance, Population Control and Healthcare.
Theme 3 consists of Sri Lanka , Northern Ireland and Bonding in Singapore.
Theme 4 consists of Deterrence & Diplomacy, Iraq & Kuwait war, Transnational Terrorism.

Expected delivery time: 1 week or less

*I am NOT selling Theme 5/Theme 6 for the simple reason that I did not make comprehensive notes for these 2 themes. Theme 1 is simply Chapter 1 of Secondary 3, it is a non-examinable chapter.

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